Sync outlook, I need help on this topic.

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Hi guys,

I need help with my outlook. I have a desktop pc and laptop, each of them has an installed outlook. All I wanted is to have them sync. How do I sync outlook, in both of my computers.


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Sync outlook, I need help on this topic.


Hey Dudley,

It is possible to get your outlook sync. If you are using an email like gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail and the likes then its not going  to be easy to setup. But if you want to host your own email then you'll need to get your computer connect into your own server. 

That would be more complicated. I'm assuming your email is not hosted by you so my answer to your question is what I stated on the top of my post.

Thank you,


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Sync outlook, I need help on this topic.


Hello Achan,

You may be hoping that you can synchronize outlook on two PCs, but unfortunately you cannot do that.

If you want to use outlook with exchange option, I think it would be better if you choose an email service which allows to exchange server. Such as Simply Mail Solutions or Office 365.
But my best recommendation would be, to set up Gmail to provide IMAP instead of POP3 email. You can set up outlook for both of your PCs and fetch email separately.
You can also access email via web browser. 
POP & IMAP allows you to download your mail from Gmail server to your PC through Outlook or Thunderbird. You don't need the internet connection to do so. There access are free for Gmail users. Now which you going to use. POP or IMAP. I would suggest IMAP. It's a two way communication between web and your email. It allows you to access your mail for multiple device.
Through IMAP new mail is accessible from any device  at any time. Simple way to understand is that when you are in the office if you download a particular email, you don't need to download that again at home or anywhere. But in POP you have to download it every time means in the office and at home as well at the same day.
Enable IMAP:
Sign to Gmail > There is a gear icon in the upper right corner, Click it > Settings
Forwarding and POP / IMAP > Enable IMAP > Save Changes.
To enable IMAP you have to use Standard view instead of basic HTML. 
Then you have to select your client. Now your client is outlook
Outlook > Tools > Email Accounts > Add 
This is the basic way to set up Gmail as your synchronizer.
For more detail please check the link.
Hope this will help you.
Thank you.
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Sync outlook, I need help on this topic.



You can sync MS Outlook between two computers by downloading and install an Outlook sync software on the web. You can download these for free or in paid versions. There are many varieties of this software. Some of them are Sync Home Edition, SynchPst Basic, Sync2, Easy Sync for Outlook, etc. Save the file in an easy accessible location like My Documents or Desktop and so on. Locate the file and run it when you're done. Wait until the process synchronizes all your selected Outlook files.

You can also sync your Outlook manually. All you have to do is:

– Use an .ost folder (offline)

– Copy a .pst folder (personal)

– Copy only your contacts, calendar and task folders

To automatically synchronize the Outlook data, use an .ost file. You must already have the .ost file to use it. The .ost file must have automatically been created in your account if you are using Microsoft Exchange Server. The file is commonly located in the path Documents and Settings/usernameLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook folder. You need to access the .ost file and click on the "Synchronize" button to sync and update the Outlook data between two computers.

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Sync outlook, I need help on this topic.


Fantastic solution guys, thanks for all your help. Babb Samantha, you have a superb solution. I learned how to synchronize Outlook on my two PCs from reading your post. Your POP and IMAP idea is new one to me, and with your help, I was able to understand it.

Now that I know how to enable IMAP on Gmail, I realize that it will be suitable for my desired goals because it allows me to access my mail from multiple devices. Following your directions, I was able to set it up with no problems, and I can synchronize Outlook on both of my computers. Thanks once more for helping, my friend.

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