Sybase Database System Error No. 2

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to write a small application that will connect to a sybase database and will run a query. This query should be outputted to a label text later on. By the way, I am using sybase 11.9.2 running on Windows 2000. I have tested the connection via Sybase , but while running the application, I am getting this system error:

System Error

Error Number 2.

Error text = Null object reference.

Window/Menu/Object = w_product-master.

Error Object/Control = w_product-master.

Script = pfc_postopen.

Line in Script = 34.

Has anyone else experienced a strange system error like this ? What could be the possible cause of this problem? I would appreciate it if anybody could help me solve this problem. Thanks to those who will offer solution.

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Sybase Database System Error No. 2


System error code 2 means "The system cannot find the file specified." This error code may also display as "ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" or as the value 0x2.

SQLCODE is a numeric code associated with an exception. Negative codes are considered errors; positive codes are warnings.

This guide lists messages in numerical order as if they are all positive numbers. If a SQLCODE has both a negative and a positive value, the first message listed is 'Warning nnn' (the positive SQLCODE), then 'Error nnn' (the negative SQLCODE). The SQLCODE 0 indicates successful completion.

To simplify navigation, messages are grouped by range. To locate information about a specific error, click on the appropriate branch of the navigation tree, then choose the page that contains the error code.

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