Suitable version on Server 2003 64bit, 32bit XP workstations and Outlook 2003?

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There are approximately 30 end users and they are new to exchange. This exchange includes e-mail backups, vacation/auto reply messages and shared calendars. We want a very stable system. Anti-spam and hosting/incoming mail server is already covered by our website management team.

What is the suitable version on Server 2003 64bit, 32bit XP workstations and Outlook 2003? We are going to hooking up 4 non-critical email users to it to work out the bugs and get familiar with it.

Can we do this? Can we be able to exchange pull a few e-mail addresses off our server?


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Suitable version on Server 2003 64bit, 32bit XP workstations and Outlook 2003?


Firstly I want to suggest you to install Microsoft exchange 2010 with Microsoft outlook 2010 because they work better together and includes demonstrations of four common scenarios related to outlook:
Inbox productivity
Security and control
Seeing external free /busy
How federated calendar sharing works

 You can use Microsoft exchange server 2007 for Folder level backup only works from a remote 32 bit machine.

Co-existence of Microsoft Exchange 2010 system supports exchange server 2003, exchange server 2007, mixed exchange 2007 and exchange server 2003 organization

Exchange 2010 supports following versions of Microsoft office outlook and Microsoft entourage for mac:
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2003
Entourage 2008 for mac, web services edition
Outlook for mac 2011

Pull off email from server using MS outlook 2003:

Email is received through internet with help of Pop email server. After launching program and clicking the send and receiving email button, email program inquiry at Pop server to deliver new email. Then current messages are downloaded by email program and command the pop server to delete the messages on the server as the email program now carrying a copy of the message on your PC. This action can be controlled telling it to delete message after downloading them or telling server to keep a copy for a definite duration.

Follow the Following instruction to solve the problem:
After opening outlook from the Tools menu, choose Email account and account box will appears.
Verify the circle-box view or change existing email is selected accounts and click next
Email account appears usually labeled
Highlighting it clicking on and click the change button then the internet email settings will arrive.
Click more settings button. The internet email settings box appears
Click the Advanced tab.
Under Delivery Section erase checkbox leave a copy of message on the server if further email save is not necessary on order to leave messages in sever, check the box “Remove from server after” and click arrows to specify number of days or weeks emails have to be saved. Never leave a copy of email on the server more than 30 days.
Then ok>next>finish to return to the email program.


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