Suitable to use for WLDF

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Other than making an application framework to create log entries for EJB and web service timings, I had hope that I can tap to WLDF to obtain these timings and log to our application log (so we don't have to combine with each other log for tracing) but after reviewing the documents, I was not being able to decide if it's possible or if this is a suitable to use for WLDF.

Will this supported and if don’t supported, is there any other OOB alternatives (other than AOP)?

Thanks for the help.

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Suitable to use for WLDF


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Based on AIMs Technology Blog: Oracle WebLogic can extend WLDF console. WLDF before is just an extension and now it is integrated into the console. It delivers frameworks for monitoring entire WebLogic server, capabilities through MBeans, and basic views. If you want to extend your capabilities here's are some ways to do: WebLogic used watches to monitor all kinds of things to see how the system performed, but take note not all watches are running.

Try the Oracle WebLogic on AIX LPAR p690, version 6 64 bits. O/S. Try the Silverlight Alternative Hosting this was primarily designed in hosting a web page. But several options enable Silverlight running outside the OOB or within other host environment. It provides unmanaged interfaces to enable you to host Silverlight with other Web plug-in or with in Win32 app. Many alternative hosting options have advanced topics in the scopes of Silverlight documentation. Open MSDN Code Gallery gives additional documentation, code sample and other advanced hosting options. 

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