Suggestions to buy LED or Plasma TV

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Hi there everyone,

I have Samsung HDTV. I would like to replace this one with LED or Plasma TV (size around 50-60inch). I would like to know which is better suited for gaming based on response time and picture quality, sharpness, clarity, rich colors. I am looking for Samsung brand only.

Can somebody suggest me which one will be better suited for my needs? Any links or suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Suggestions to buy LED or Plasma TV


There is a noticeable difference between the two. What you want, and what you need, depends on your preference; and i am going to make a lot more clear for you:

Advantages of LED : 

– Best for light rooms

– They are very bright (they have a high brightness value)

– Low power consumption (LED are notorious for their low voltage use during functioning)

– They are very thin and light (if you are looking for something that is visually pleasing and also modern, this would be the right choice)

2. Advantages of Plasma:

– Best for dark rooms

– It's more cheaper than the LED

– In contrast to LED screen, these do not leave a motion blur effect during moving images on screen.

Now, you must understand that the visual quality of both are pretty much the same if you put them in the same testing conditions.

I will recommend these two Samsung LED and Plasma screens for gaming purposes:

1. LED EH5000 (50 inch) : an LED screen for a cheap price (699$). That doesn't mean it's bad…the picture performance for covering input lag is very good, in fact, the time it takes for the screen to render an image after receiving the image data is very small (smaller than 20 ms). It also features a preset for games, that makes the screen more adaptable to ongoing images.

2. PN51F5500 (51 inch) : this plasma screen has a refresh rate of 600 Hz, thus mentioning little to no lag in image rendering. The horizontal and side angle views are perfect, the color rendition is the best rated on the market, the black levels, the contrast and the brightness are very well balanced. Nothing bad could be said about this model.



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