Strange email that does appear in output tray

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You have an email received from a stranger in your address book saying that they receive an email message coming from you and that you didn't answer to them to stay in touch, but the message does not appear in the output tray. Any help

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Strange email that does appear in output tray


Hello Dorinda,

If you are sure that you do not see the message on output tray then such an email is definitely a SPAM. Such emails are very harmful and you should not open any attachment or link inside the email.

Spammers find innovative ways like this to entice the recipient to click on links or open the attachment.

SPAM is loss of business hours to organizations. We can help encounter by reporting such incidents and not ignoring them.

You should follow below procedure if you receive such emails:

1. Never open any link or attachment if the email has not come from a trust worthy source.
2. Report such incident promptly to your IT department (send them a copy of received email as an attachment). Header information in email would help in tracking source of the email. AV/Antispam vendors will check sanity of the originating point of the email and will act accordingly.
3. If the source of email is not authentic then mail sample and origin will be recorded in Block list/SPAM database.
4. AV/Antispam vendor will release pattern files that detect any future copies of the email and hence will prevent any further proliferation of this email.

In many a cases users ignore such emails and do not report. One should report such instances to help IT fight against SPAM


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Strange email that does appear in output tray


Hello Dorrin,

You should be aware of spammers, for there are many of them out there and they will do anything to get your attention. If that email you got is not available on your contact list, then there is no reason to even bother about it. Worst of all if the email landed in your spam box. What you will need to do so avoid such situations is the following:

  • Ensure that before you subscribe to getting emails from a site, you are pretty sure about what they do, for you may end up subscribing to a site that will keep sending you spam mails.
  • Also do not open any attachment to an email you do not know its sender. It may be a virus that might even crash your system.




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