Storage methodology – optimization and etc

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I just wanted to know if there are any performance gains/losses that can be attributed to, holding everything else equal, the number of User shares that are created vs the number of split levels. In other words. If I just had two user shares – Movies and Pictures – but 5 different category trees below, would that result in better/worse or zero difference in terms of performance/access/disk usage/activity, etc.., than if I had 10 user shares that were only 1 or 2 layers deep?

Obviously, this is all dependent on how the split is assigned in each scenario. I am just trying to get my hands around this and wondering what others have in place. I have almost overgrown my current setup and am starting to look at a second build and wanted to get some fresh input. I have a several TBs of photos (by trade) and along with our personal digital media collection, GBs is quickly turning into TBs. 

I would imagine it would also depend on whether the data needs to be accessible fairly quickly (i.e movies) as opposed to archived photographs. Just looking for some experienced thoughts and guidance. 


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Storage methodology – optimization and etc


Good day Mark!

I strongly suggest that there be a scan done first, on your whole system in order to eliminate the possibility of having a replicated file on each level. This would narrow down the accessing procedure of your hard drive, to which file you are trying to access. At least by categorizing your file, this would make it more easy access to your users.

By proper mapping on your computers or hard drives, it would make the access of files much faster.

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Storage methodology – optimization and etc


Hello Mark,

TBs is too much of data to access.

I used to face such issue earlier as well but now I have installed Google Desktop on my laptop.

Google Desktop is desktop search software made by Google for various OS and notable within this software is the quick search box which appears anywhere on your desktop after pressing “control” twice. A picture of it is attached for your reference.

How to follow? –

1. Please go to this website to download latest Google Desktop version –

2. Install the latest version,

3. Double click “control”

4. Type whichever file you want to access.

Isn’t it damn easy? Remember, a file must have been opened once from its original version.

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