The Storage Capacity of Oracle DB

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What would be the storage capacity of Oracle Database?

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The Storage Capacity of Oracle DB


The collection of logical and physical structures that together contain all the data and metadata for your applications is the database . And also contains control files that it needs for startup and operation. The oracle maximum database size is 5 gigabytes (GB).

This size range is 0.5 to 0.9 GB which include the internal schemas, data dictionary, and temporary space, and only over 4.0 GB for user data.

Logical grouping of one or more physical datafiles or tempfiles is a table space, and one or more table space is called database and is the primary structure by which the database manages storage.

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The Storage Capacity of Oracle DB


Reasonably you can split an Oracle database into tablespaces and tablespaces can be of two types namely, Smallfile Tablespace or SFT, and Bigfile Tablespace or BFT. The normal tablespace is known also as the SFT or the Smallfile Tablespace and it contains numerous, fairly small files.

A BFT or Bigfile Tablespace on the other hand, is the type of tablespace that contains a single file which can contain an extremely large size. It extends the highest size of database and tablespace.

With SFT it can have 1022 datafile and each of which can have power blocks [2,22]. A BFT can only have one datafile and also can handle power blocks [2,32]. The formula for calculating the maximum datafile size is:

  • maximum datafile size=db_blcok_size*maximum number of blocks

The “db_blcok_size” in database can have 2 K, 4 K, 8 K, 16 K, and 32 K while a database can have a maximum of 65533 datafiles. With this, the formula can be translated as:

  • maximum database size=maximum datafile size*maximum datafile can be in a database

For example we’ll consider 32 K as the highest database block then we can compute the SFT as:

  • maximum datafile size=power(2,22)*32/1024/1024 G=128G

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