Steps To Solve 0x0000007 Error Followed By BSOD

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I have an old HP desktop with Windows7 pre-installed in it at the time of purchase. It has 2 GB ram and a Radeon graphics card. But, recently, it started to crash by displaying this 0x0000007 error message followed by the blue screen of death. I’m unable to figure out the reason behind this issue because it never happened before. How can I fix this manually?


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Steps To Solve 0x0000007 Error Followed By BSOD


This 0x0000007 error code followed by a blue screen of death (BSOD) usually occurs when your system is facing some ‘Hardware’ or some ‘Driver’ issue. However, this 0x0000007 error occurs rarely. The first thing you can do is to ‘Restart’ your PC, and now you have to perform some basic ‘Stop error troubleshooting.’

To perform the troubleshooting procedure, try these steps-

  • This error might cause because of some recent changes performed by you on your system. Undo the recent changes because your computer might be unable to handle those changes and might cause this error with BSOD.
  • If this error randomly starts to occur after downloading and installing some software or application, then you have to uninstall that application or software because your system might be unable to support that software/ application and is causing the error because of this. Instead, you can download and install the downgraded version of it.
  • Perform a full hardware scan to detect any presence of malware/ virus present in your PC. Sometimes the presence of malware can cause hardware to crash, resulting in BSOD.

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