Steps on how to disable HT

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Do you guys have any idea how I can disable HT?

I tried restarting Windows and I pressed F12 for the BIOS System to appear, so I could disable the HT but it wouldn’t work.

Can you teach me how to do it?

I would appreciate any form of help.

Thank you.

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Steps on how to disable HT


Try to turn your computer off. After it’s off, turn it back on. A restart is sometimes hard to time when you’re trying to get into the BIOS. Right after turning the computer on start hitting the key to get into the BIOS screen.

Each brand differs from the other. You can try tapping DEL  or DELETE when the computer is turned on. You can also try the F12 key. Other also use ESC or Escape to get into the BIOS right after turning the computer on.

Once you’re in the BIOS, try and look for the setting to disable Hyperthreading. This option however depends on your motherboard if it’s supported or not.

If it’s now there, try updating your BIOS version to the latest and then check if there’s any change. Otherwise, you won’t be able to disable HT for your system.

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