Static versus Dynamic IP Addressing…

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I planned to realize my small business involving 11 computer units, including the server. The type of my business is internet gaming and savvy. I want to connect all units to the internet, but I don't have an idea in configuring it. I am looking forward to my business and I really need to know what is the ideal configuration. 

All other hardware devices and software applications used in my network are already there. As of now, we are using DHCP to connect to the internet automatically. I can't differentiate from Static because I don't have an idea how to use IP addressing.  What should be the ideal network configuration to use in my business? Please tell me how to do it.

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Static versus Dynamic IP Addressing…


Hello Friend!

According to your question the main problem is that you don’t know how to select IP address to manage your task. Please note down the difference between the static and dynamic IP.

Static IP: It is called Live IP also; it is defined by your service provider and provides you to fix it at your Machine [Server in most cases] in accordance with two available your machine on the internet. Static IP is identical internationally over the world. Normally the static IPs used for web publishing or web hosting but static IPs are also used for other WEB applications, FTP usage, email services and to create DNS server.

But everything has its advantages or disadvantages the main disadvantage of Live IP is: it’s risky in connection with security concerns. The companies which are eager to do data mining tasks in this case your static IP’s server machine may be effected from this.

Dynamic IP: It is just allotted by your DHCP [Dynamic Host Control Protocol] Server; its scope is covered over your private network just. It may be possible that in case of absence of DHCP you can allot the IPs by yourself manually.

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Static versus Dynamic IP Addressing…


Dear Kelly, 

Static IP addressing:

  • Advantage: Less cost effective than Dynamic IP Addressing.
  • Disadvantage: Security risk, because the address is always the same. Static IP's are easier to track for data mining companies. 

Dynamic IP addressing:

  • Advantage: IP address automatically configured for your client by the DHCP server.
  • Disadvantage: Should not be used for VOIP, VPN, playing online games or game hosting.
  • Dynamic IP addressing is less reliable than Static IP addressing and could cause the service to disconnect, while you are on a VOIP, VPN or gaming.

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