SQL .INI File Error …

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Dear Friends,

I use Maximo database  based on Microsoft SQL server.

In spite of giving proper user name and password  the database can not be log in and is generating the following error message, that is contains no configuration file.

How can the problem be solved?

SQL.INI File Error


WIN32CLINET: No Configuration file




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SQL .INI File Error …


The reason for this is the SQL.INI configuration file could not be found after  searching the current directory, the SQLBASE directory, the root directory, or the specified operating system search PATH. So for avoiding it, do check for the existence of the SQL.INI file in the appropriate directory.

So, the error itself is that it cannot find SQL.INI, but it couldn't give you the message because it also could not find ERROR.SQL.  I imagine they both should be in the same directory, they were both in C:ADPSQLBASE).  Maybe they are not there, or the directory does not exist, or some setting that should be pointing there is not set up correctly.

Hope you can resolve your problem.

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