Issue in using the variable in SSIS

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Hi all,

It is a dynamic process in SSIS. I have designed an SSIS package, where it picks up flat files dynamically from a directory and it dumps those source data into the dynamic SQL tables. I passed the SQL table names as variables in the OLEDB destination component. But it was showing the error “task cannot find the target SQL table” something. It is not the exact error message. How can I resolve this issue?

Thank you.

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Issue in using the variable in SSIS


You are trying to pass the run time variable that has to be validated with some delay. It means that the value of the variable should be changed according to the source file. This can be achieved by doing a simple change in the properties.

Click on the OLEDB Destination component, you can see it’s properties in the right pane of the SSIS environment. Then locate the “Delay Validation“ property in that pane and set as “true”. Now execute the package, the variables will be changed according to the first previous tasks.

Actually, before the execution, SSIS will validate all the variables during the pre-compilation. The compiled variable’s value will not changed at the run time until purposely changing it’s value between the process. So, to switch off this feature, you have to set the Delay Validation property as true. You can use this concept in mostly all the tasks in SSIS. But, don’t set it as true at all instants, it may create problem for the variables during the run time.

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