The specified location already exists

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Hi there,

VM Cloning has been a pain over the last few days and I have been unable to come up with a fix to get past the issue. In an attempt to create the VM clone, I receive the below mentioned error. The desired location I entered is on my NAS which has 4 TB of storage capacity.

The error states that "The specified location already exists. Specify a different location"
Any clue as to why it would not let me clone the VM.
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The specified location already exists


Dear Steven,

You should keep one thing in mind – You should only create a single VM in one directory.
No more than one. It was possible to do so before without the setup recognizing it but it seems in the new updates they have made this check very specific.

Try different nomenclature at the least. Your error is point at redundancy.

Hope I have pointed you in the right direction.

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The specified location already exists



Hello Steven,

With the beta version Workstation 4.0, you could successfully put VMs in one directory with the use of one disk in two as well as three VMs.

What you are needed to do is create only a single VM in one directory. Except for other problems, log file if named VMware.log by default and NVRAM is named just that, NVRAM. So with the 2 VMs in a single directory you can be able to share the two files by mistake. In case want to create a VM with existing disk, you will just need to create a VM in a new directory and then add the existing disk to it.




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