Sound Problem when connected to the internet

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I have a problem with my desktop computer when i connect to the internet and play music and video online it was so very noise and if i disconnect the internet and play music from my media player it was ok.

Is there a problem with my computer or the internet connection?

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Sound Problem when connected to the internet



The solution to your problem is try checking your internet connection if you have a good/stable connection. Status of the internet connection may affect your online activity like: video streaming and playing music online.

If you had bad connection this may result to stopping of your online activity such as video streaming or online music which is very annoying.

You may seek assistance to your Internet Service Provider if you found out that the problem is with your connection.

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Sound Problem when connected to the internet


I think you are complaining about the noise that your modem emits whenever you are connected to the internet. Modems usually emit sounds whenever it connects to the internet.

It is how they work when negotiating with other computers online. You heard its sound because its speaker is enabled in the setting. However, you can remove that sound if it annoys you.

  1. Click Start > Control Panel.
  2. Click Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections.
  3. On the next window, right-click on the available Internet Connection and then choose Properties.
  4. The modem you are using and other information like the communication port it uses will appear under Connect using. Click on the Configure button.
  5. Uncheck the Enable modem speaker. Click OK all the way.

Now, try connecting to the internet if you still hear a sound from the modem.

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