SOS in configuring a firewall

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I am configuring a firewall in Windows Server 2008. I need to add multiple subnets to an inbound rule but it is making me add the subnets one at a time. Is there any way to add multiple subnets at the same time?

I tried separating them with commas and adding them via the GUI but it would not take it. Also if you have already input a long list on subnets on one firewall rule, is it possible to copy it over to another firewall rule?

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SOS in configuring a firewall



You can try with scripting by passing subnet as variables.

I also found a link for solution to this issue

See the link content especially "Import and export section" section and this will provide you with some command that you can use them to export the firewall configuration (in Windows Firewall terms: the policy) to a file.

The Import command allows you to use this file to import the policy. These two commands allow you to copy and paste firewall policies between different Windows boxes, the commands are not limited to Windows Server 2008. You can import them into Windows Vista as well… and vice verse.

You can also use the reset commands, The Reset command is very powerful. It allows you to reset the Windows Firewall configuration to default in order not to be aware of changing the windows firewall configuration.


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