Sony VPL HW 10 details

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I am going to buy a new Sony VPL HW10 projector, I want some details about that projector before I buy that.

I want details like Features, Resolution, Video modes, Interfaces and its Max power consumption.

Some one please give me a reply.

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Sony VPL HW 10 details


The Sony HW10 is an appropriate alternative from the previous Sony VPL-VW40. It is accumulatively better. However, it has some new features. It supports Deep Color and the x.v Colorupon HDMI which is different from the older model. This 1080p, 3-Panel LCoS Projector (SXRD) Home Theater Projector has some enhanced black level performance.

So far, HW10 is one of the most brighter projectors when selecting the best mode. And a bit brighter when it is on its brightest mode. We will be discussing the in-depth in a while, as we tackle the combination of contents to help you determine if this HW10 is the correct projector that you need.

In general, Sony HW10 gives an outstanding picture on a reasonable price. The old VW40 rivaled with the JVC RSX1even if we are in favor of this very costly JVC. But as of today, the HW10's competes well with the RSX1and with JVC DLA-Rs 10 which will probably cost more. I can say that this is the closest rivalry as they has the same features in many ways. It also competes with the less expensive Panasonic PT-AE3000 and Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB which will be release soon. And also with the Sanyo PLV_Z3000 and Mitsubishi HC7000; however these two is not that bright when in movie mode and more suitable to play on smaller screens.

Sony is recognized in making a fine equalize projector that has a high quality pictures considering the whole package. We strongly recommend Sony and the award for Hottest Product goes to them. With this satisfactory projector that is brighter on movie mode, Sony will be renowned among Home Theater buffs.


  • It has a fine black level performance. It may not be the best but it's a way better than its competitors.
  • Enhanced sharpness as compared to the old VPL-VW40.
  • Outstanding brightness when in best movie mode and it can handle large screens or about 110-128 inches with better lighting controls.
  • Low level of performance in terms of brightness when in brightness mode. This is limited to smaller screens.
  • Tremendous color accuracy post calibration. It may not be the best but it's pretty notable.
  • Great skin tones.
  • It doesn't have internal support on anamorphic lens. You will be needing an external processor to make it work so if you are planning to utilize anamorphic lens, you should go with Sony VPL-VW70.
  • Shifting vertical and horizontal lens with additional 1.6:1 zoom level and is capable to shelf mount at the back of most rooms.
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Sony VPL HW 10 details



Sony VPL HW10 projector is a three panel LCoS home theater. Sony VPL HW10 provides excellent picture quality. There is no Digital Keystone. It produces sharp picture and good flexibility. It has a reliable one. It is a best replacement for older Sony VPL-VW40 Projector.

It has adjustable lens shift. This adjustable lens shift provides horizontal and vertical adjustments, so you can easily placed projector in different locations.

Sony VPL HW10 projector has a lot of functions. Noise reduction function is used to reduce unwanted mosquito and block noise. Real color processing function is used to adjust the specific color of the picture, but it doesn't change the overall color of the picture.

Features of Sony VPL HW10 projector:

Brightness of Sony VPL HW10 projector is 1000 ANSI. Resolution of Sony VPL HW10 projector is 1080p. Its contrast is 30000:1. Image size is 152 – 762cm. Size of Sony VPL HW10 projector is 18x41x47 cm. Weight of Sony VPL HW10 projector is 10kg. 300W max power. HDMI digital input. 100V – 240V voltage. Aspect ratio is 16:9. Video Compatibility of Sony VPL HW10 projector is 1080p/60/50/24, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i.

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