Something interrupted work of Adobe Flash Player

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Hi Brainy,

I get this error message in my work environment me and my team tried to trap the error but no luck. We are not able to solve the problem. We get this error message what we might do with Adobe flash player. How do I resolve this error message? Do I need to reinstall the application again? Please help me. Reinstall is lot of procedure. Thanks a lot.


Client-side error

Something has interrupted the work of Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

Please try restarting the application. If the error message re-appears, please contact support.

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Something interrupted work of Adobe Flash Player


I guess it is not really Adobe Flash Player that is causing the error here because in the first place, it is only a program and a component being used by different applications that uses flash. And if an error has been generated while Adobe Flash Player is being used, it is probably your program that causes the error and not Adobe Flash Player.

If the problem is really caused by Adobe Flash Player, you can either reinstall it in case you still have its installer or simply upgrade Adobe Flash Player to the latest version. In your case, since it is clear in the message that something interrupted Adobe Flash Player, try closing the program you are using and then run it again.

Restart what you are doing and see if the error happens again. If Adobe Flash Player has been interrupted again, close your program and restart your computer. After booting, temporarily disable your antivirus and restart your work. It is possible that your antivirus is responsible for the interruption since it monitors all program activities and executions.

You may also try reinstalling your program. Uninstall it, restart your computer, and then install it back. Also try upgrading Adobe Flash Player to the latest version. Visit Adobe to download the latest version. You can also download the latest version directly from Macromedia: Adobe Flash Player.

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