Some advice on how to install a keylogger please

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I'm quite fond the world of viruses and spyware from a few weeks ago. 
The thing is that I would like to install a keylogger on my friend's computer, right now, but I am not sure if this is legal or not. Is this legal? 
I think it is legal because otherwise there wouldn't be this kind of software.
Anyway, I do not want that person to realize that i've installed a keylogger on her computer.
Do antiviruses detect keyloggers? If yes, what can I do to avoid being detected?
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Some advice on how to install a keylogger please


The "tools" Are not illegal, but it matters, why and for what you are using it.

If you are using it for legal purpose the Ok, otherwise it is illegal if it for illegal purpose.

Yes, most of antivirus detects them.

Where as there is many ways to bypass antivirus. But i cannot tell because it will be illegal.

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