Solving Im32fax Dll Not Found Error Message

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At the start, I continue to receive the im32fax dll not found the error message. I have seen others with similar drawbacks, but the answer concerned them with printers. I do not have a printer on my laptop. It started months after buying this laptop. .. the previous owner used a printer to … make suggestions on how to create it … please and thank you.

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Solving Im32fax Dll Not Found Error Message


Windows is attempting to load or execute a non-existent or corrupt file. After assuming that the error is printer-related, the previous owner did not uninstall their printers and printer drivers in my opinion.

I recommend that you create a recovery goal. Then click on “Start” and select “Printers and Faxes”.

The list of printers can most likely include Microsoft XPS Document Author and/or Microsoft FAX. If your laptop is manufactured in the factory by Hewlett Packard, the list may also include H.P. Postscript Mobile Printing. Ignore all these entries.

If the list contains printers other than the previous owner, select the name of the main printer – and click “Delete this printer”. Repeat this method for all other printers you do not currently have.

If that does not solve your problem, click Start / Run – and type “regedit” in the “Open …” box.

In “Registry Editor”, select “My Computer”.

Click Edit / Realize – and look for all the knowledge entries containing “IM32FAX”.

If your search contains one or more entries, answer and specify the full path.

In addition, in your answer, you must provide complete information on “key”, “value” and “data”.

Then exit the registry editor.

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