Solution for Conflict on IP Address

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What is the solution if there is a conflict of IP Address? I encounter this problem sometimes when I connect through wireless network connections or when I connect through LAN’s.

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Solution for Conflict on IP Address



Hi Robert,

There can’t be two similar IP addresses in a network. The problem is your machine trying to obtain the IP addresses that already used by another machine which is in your network. So please get unused IP address for your machine. You can ask your network administrator for a new IP.

Also you can tell the computer to obtain the IP address automatically.

Here are the steps to do that.

1. Open Control Panel
2. Click on Network and Internet
3. Then click on Network connections
4. You can see your network adaptor
5. Click on properties
6. Select TCP/IP IPv4 under the Networking tab.
7. Click on properties
8. Check the radio button "Obtain an IP address automatically"
9. Also check the "Use the following DNS server address" radio button
10. Click ok

Now you will be able to connect without IP conflict


Hope this is helpful

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Solution for Conflict on IP Address


I don’t think you will encounter this problem when connecting to a Wi-Fi with your Smartphone because the Wi-Fi router handles the IP allocation for connecting devices. This applies to both the Smartphone and laptop when connecting wirelessly to a Wi-Fi network. But if you are connecting to a local area network with a computer, it is more likely to happen.

This is because in a local area network no system or machine is handling the IP assignments. Assigning an IP address to a computer is done manually and usually by the network administrator. Before you can assign a new IP address to a computer, you need to have an idea on the IP addresses used by all the computers on the network.

The new IP address must be unique. It shouldn’t have any matching IP address on other computers. If you encounter a conflict in IP address when connecting a computer to a LAN, you just need to give the machine a different IP address. To assign a new IP address on the machine, click “Start,” “Control Panel,” “Network and Internet Connections,” “Network Connections,” the right-click your connection and select “Properties.”

Active connection properties

In “Local Area Connection Properties” window, in “General” tab, scroll down and select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and then click “Properties.”

Internet protocol properties

On the next screen, select “Use the following IP address.” In the “IP address” field, enter the new IP address of the computer. Before entering an IP address, you should get the list of all the IP addresses of all the computers on the network to avoid getting a conflict in IP address. The new IP address shouldn’t match any IP addresses on the network.

In the “Subnet mask” field, just enter without quotes “” then in the “Default gateway” field, get the default gateway IP address from your network administrator. At the bottom, select “Use the following DNS server addresses” then just enter any of these public DNS servers:

  • Google Public DNS –,
  • OpenDNS –,
Internet protocol settings

When you are finished, click “OK” all throughout then restart the computer. Note: don’t copy the configuration on the image because that’s my own settings for my ISP and it will not work on your computer.

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