Software to repair iso file

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Hi there,

I recently downloaded an ISO file of a Linux distribution called bhodi OS 64bit. The ISO file is around 500+MB. The problems seem to be that the downloaded ISO file somehow got corrupted. I have a very slow internet speed and it is quite a hassle.

Is there any way to repair the corrupted ISO file?

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Software to repair iso file


Dear Timothy,

You can try many ways to repair the corrupted ISO file but all will result in corrupted or missing files according what type of data archived within this ISO file.

So the best way to resolve this is by re-downloading again and you can try to download the file with higher internet speed because sometimes slow internet connections can result in such problems while downloading large files.

But if you want to try, you can do this:

  • Download ISO Buster software and Install.
  • With ISO Buster open. Select File > Open Image File.
  • Select the damaged ISO file and click Open.
  • Click "Save" and the extracted files will be saved to your hard drive.
This may be helpful if the ISO contains data like pictures or separate file. As this recovers some of the data in the ISO file.
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Software to repair iso file



I think your downloaded ISO package have some missing files That's why this problem is coming. So you should have to re-download and reinstall it again on the high speed internet.

Gud Luck 🙂

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