Software or hardware to increase radio signal

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I have built in radio Fm player on my Toshiba E 105 S 1402 laptop.

But unfortunately I receive the signal badly.

Maybe it is because my laptop place far from the radio station.

Is there any way to increase receiving of signal?

What hardware of software used?

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Software or hardware to increase radio signal


Hello Tamameddy,

I have a few tips and suggestions for your issue.

1. If your laptop has an external antenna, try to expand it to its maximum and go for trial and error method to check the position of Antenna where the signal can be best received.

2. Try to switch your speaker option from stereo to mono while listening to radio.

3. Radio waves are distorted easily and vary widely based on distance, obstacles and number of people sharing them in your locality. So try to keep your Laptop away from metal objects and high obstacles and place it in an open area.

4. Try to keep your Laptop at a height so that it can receive signals easily.

5. If any of the above tips does not improve your Signal Quality, I would suggest you to buy a wireless repeater which will definitely improve your signal quality.

All the Best.



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Software or hardware to increase radio signal


If the radio have some external antenna then you can use it to increase the signal ratio of even you can take these steps to increase signal strength.

•First check that where the receiving signal is placed in your laptop.
•Once you have found the place where your laptop radio signal exists then you can find that it contain some external link or not.
•If it contain some link then what kind of link is it. Is it possible to attach a wire to your laptop.
•If you can attach a wire on the place of antenna then it is the best solution in your case.
•You can take the wire as far as you need and then the signal quality will be much better.
•It is a easy solution for this kind of problem.

Michal joran.

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