How to extract and merge file with extensions such as .001?

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I downloaded a movie from a site. The movie was split into 4 parts so I’ve clicked the entire given link and redirects me to a file hosting site (mediafire). I been use to download files in mediafire and I think it is secure and using a free download manager it accelerate my download speed good isn’t it? Hmm…, so far for this chit chat =). Ok, after i download all the 4 parts, I open up the folder where the download file are save and found out that it cannot be extracted using winrar. I don’t know how to extract the parts. As far I know winrar uses “.rar” as a file extension but this one is different.

To make more clarification of what kind of file I download here are the file name with its file extension.



thor003, and


What kind of software should I use for this kind of file?

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How to extract and merge file with extensions such as .001?


For files with that extension, you're going to need to use HJSplit, a freeware specifically designed to split huge files and merge said split files as needed.

  • Those file parts were split using HJSplit and you will need HJSplit to merge them all again into one file. Now before anything else, put all those file parts (.001, .002) in one folder, name it whatever you like but make sure you got all the parts in that one folder to prepare them for joining. 
  • Next is you need to download HJSplit, once you download the right version for your system successfully, you're going to see an executable file, once you run it you'll see various buttons like "Split", "Join", for this purpose you'll be needing to click the "Join" button in order to join the files you need. Now once you click the "Join" button, a new window will pop up and you'll see an "Input File" button at the left side, click it.
  • Now remember the folder you created before? Once you clicked the "Input File" button, a File Dialog will appear and you will need to go to the folder you created earlier with all the file parts in it and select the file with .001 as its extension. Once you've selected it, you'll go back to the previous window, click the "Start" button at the lower right of the window and wait for the process to finish. Once done, you'll see the merged file in the same folder you selected the .001 file earlier.
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How to extract and merge file with extensions such as .001?


Dear Arden,

This task can be done with software within short time. For doing this one most popular software is a Freeware multi-platform file splitters and joiner software. Just download it from internet and use. Now I am giving screen shot of this software

You can also do this by 7 zip software. It also an easy way of file joining. Just create a folder and then remain your thor.001, thor.002, thor003, and thor.004 then extract any one you will get one file thor.

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