Software installed in a computer to avoid spam emails

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Everyday I got emails on my inbox and on my spam.

Lots of emails on my spam box but still there are emails on my inbox where I could say that they belong to a spam messages. What will be the software that I have to install on my PC to detect spam mails and automatically blocked.

I don't like to received emails on my spam box.

Please let me know.

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Software installed in a computer to avoid spam emails


You can detect spam mails and automatically block.

You can also delete them automatically. I have understood your problem,many more spam emails creates you mental pressure but they are useless. I know two method. First one if you use Gmail then you can do it easily.

So login your Gmail account,click on setting,then click on filters,then create a new filter,type is:spam on the has the word box then next,then ok, then mark what you would like as for example delete it ,then create filter.

Your process has been completed.

Now you will not get any spam message,it will be deleted.

Second one is: If you use office outlook application you can set up your choice.

To do so please read this instruction Link

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Software installed in a computer to avoid spam emails



Hello Ensilvallana.

I have a few recommendations for blocking spam. If you are an average user, I suggest Mail washer Free ( It lets you preview the contents of your mailbox and delete spam mails. It automatically flags mails that might be spam so you can easily scan through the suspected spam mails and delete them.

If you are an advanced computer user then I suggest POP File ( I have personally used this and I can attest to its effectiveness in filtering spam mails. It does, however require some training. But after 3 or more days of use it will work with very minimal interaction on your part.

Since it acts as a proxy mail server, it will work on any E-mail client of your choice. Another equally capable spam filter is Spamihilator (

Hope this helps!

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