Software Failure- Guru Meditation #00000025.65045338

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I am using AmigaOS 1.x. I encountered a fatal error problem to my system. After this error appeared, my system crashed. I’ve searched the internet using my laptop but I don’t understand what reasons or what I mean its very technical issue to deal with it. They said it some kind of a blue crash in windows. How can I solve this one? Thanks.



Software Failure. Press left mouse button to continue.

Guru Meditation #00000025.65045338

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Software Failure- Guru Meditation #00000025.65045338


Roshirl Vales

The GURU-meditation errors are very specific, and points to the actual issue faced by the user.47

The Error 00000025.65045338 points to the following:

A program at the address 65045338 is trying to read the bus , BUT COULD NOT LOCATE / FIND IT .

Simply put, please check your RAM.




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Software Failure- Guru Meditation #00000025.65045338


Hello there,

It’s great to know that someone still uses amiga OS. Now come to the point. The numbers shown in the error message is not just a fatal error. It’s a system crash error message and it will keep continue with different numbers. Mostly because of this kind of crash reported problems most of the amiga developers got frustrated and mostly this operating system development was stopped. Now only thing you can do is to reboot and hope for the best that if somehow it comes to the opening page. Yes you heard the right thing; it is like the Blue Screen Of death. What we do in that situation! We reinstall the window, so same here if you can just reinstall it.

Thank you,

Riley weaver

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