SMS fails to send due to network error

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I have this error on my Phone when I try to send SMS. I didn’t modify the settings on my phone and the SIM card is OK. This error appeared today. Any ideas ? What happened with my phone ? I have viruses ?

Thanks !

SMS Error

Error. Message not sent. Network not responding. Saved in Undelivered messages. Please try again later.



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SMS fails to send due to network error


This is a normal and random error from the cellular network and I experience it from time to time. There are times even if there is a very good signal or your handset has full bars, you will get “message not sent” or “message not sent at this time” when sending an SMS. I’m not sure what really causes it whether it is from the network or caused by your handset.

If this is the first time you see this message when sending a message, try turning off your phone, open the back cover, and then remove the battery as well as the SIM card for about 5 minutes. After that, connect the battery but don’t insert the SIM card. Start the phone and let it operate for about a minute. Next, turn it off again, and then remove the battery.

Insert the SIM card now, connect the battery and start the phone. Try sending a message this time and see if this works. Normally, it is a temporary error from the network and will be back to normal after a while.

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