Smart Vibration: switching back from silent and vibration mode

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I am considering installing this application to my mobile unit but I am a bit curious about.

How fast it is going to switch itself back silent and vibration mode when you lift it out from your pockets.

Or we have to switch it back manually?

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Smart Vibration: switching back from silent and vibration mode



When we are in working, especially  when are attending a meeting we tend to put our smartphones in silent mode so that our co-workers will not be disturb with our notifications and alarms. The vibration motors found on our handsets to make our day convenient and still keep us informed the upcoming events by silently vibrating inside our pockets.

The discreet act of turning our phones into silent mode is habitual process that we do each day but sometimes we forget to do it. HTC has already taken the first step on automatically turning on Silent mode and vibrations, it is because of the built-in "Pocket Mode" feature. Pocket Mode lets HTC phones users switch their phones to silent mode as soon as they place the phone inside the pocket, removing the chances of awkward moments, waking everyone up to
boring meeting.

Smart vibration is a free downloadable app from the Google Play Store. It will works well with Android devices. It is a cool
innovative idea that takes advantage of your phone's sensor to know whether or not it is in a tight environment-like your pockets.

Smart Vibration has no fancy user-interface. It has a simple black screen with a single button on the main screen. To enable the service, you must need to press the "Start Service" button and you are good to go. The app runs in the background listening for any changes in motion and operates 24/7 putting your phone into silent mode when the time arrives.


One clever feature of Smart Vibration is the ability to customize the amount of vibration that starts during alerts. Vibration patterns can be configured to set the amount of time on how the motors spin when an alert is triggered.

The vibrations will trigger in subsequent pauses before it makes another loop, so you can always be alerted the second time if you missed your chance during the first try. This is pretty useful when the default vibration doesn’t catch
your attention during the first time.

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