SkypeAdapter errpr 92 CALL: Unrecognised identity

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Hi all,

I am new to Skype trying to get used to it. The problem is when I try establishing a call I am getting an error message. The error says that unrecognized identity, but I am sure about the call and the user they both are valid one. Still I am not clear why I got this error message. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.



ERROR 92 CALL: Unrecognised identity

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SkypeAdapter errpr 92 CALL: Unrecognised identity


The "Skype Adapter ERROR 92 CALL: Unrecognised identity" you're receiving has two parts. The first part "Error 92" points to you attempting to use an invalid traditional phone number. The second part, "Unrecognised identity" indicates that the user being called is, again, invalid. To try and diagnose this problem, try dialing another number and see if the error reappears. If it does not, then the number itself could be out of service. Alternatively, you can try modifying "SkypeOutDialingRules.props".

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