Skype shows error when sharing sound

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Hey there,

This will be a rather short post.

I was using Skype 4.2 when I got the following error message while trying to show someone what sound Skype makes when it rings. 

Have you seen this before? What does this mean?

Thanks for your help!


Sound playback error

Playback not supported.
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Skype shows error when sharing sound


Hi Dylangutierrez,

Try the following steps on your Skype:

– Go to Tools menu then click Options

– On the General tab, Choose Sounds

– Click enable All Sounds button

– then don't forget to Click Save, changes will take effect after you click Save and exit out of the Options dialogue box

you may also follow the following steps:

– Go to Tools > Options.

– General settings, choose Sounds.

– Click Mute all Sounds button.

– Click the Save button.

– Repeat steps 1 and 2 to return to the Sounds window.

– This time, click Enable all Sounds button.

– then, Click the Save button.

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Skype shows error when sharing sound


Be sure when checking the default sounds of Skype your sound card is really working. Try playing any audio file on your computer using Windows Media Player or any other media player that you have just to test if you can play a sound in your computer.

If you can hear a sound, then try checking Skype’s settings just like what is suggested in the above post. Just try to explore its settings.

If after changing some options nothing happened, try uninstalling it and then reinstall it back and see if the sound is restored.

You may also try upgrading your Skype version if you are using the older version. Skype 5.8 is already available which supports full HD video calling in Windows. Download it at

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Skype shows error when sharing sound


To resolve this issue first of all install your audio driver with the latest version and next restart your PC. Then download the Skype’s latest version. There are many ways you can apply to solve this problem. There is another Techyv post where you will get more techniques to resolve this issue easily.

Sound playback error, Playback not supported

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