A Simple Way To Update Malwarebytes Manually.

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Hi! I am using Malwarebytes as an anti-malware tool on my PC, but I’m not able to bring the database up-to-date automatically. Can you explain how to update Malwarebytes manually?

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A Simple Way To Update Malwarebytes Manually.


There is a way to update Malwarebytes manually if you cannot update its database automatically. For this, you will need another computer connected to the internet and Malwarebytes.

1. On the other computer, run and update Malwarebytes.

2. Now you need to find and extract the updated definitions.

3. These definitions are by the name ‘rules.ref’ in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware directory (in Application data for windows XP and Program data for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8)

NOTE: Select the ‘Show Hidden Folders” option in the explorer to show the Program Data folder.

4. Copy the rules to a USB flash drive.

5. Go the above path in the infected/offline computer and paste the definitions from the USB drive to it. 6. Malwarebytes updated.  

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