SimCity DirectX Setup Error Occurred

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Hello there,

SimCity is not working anymore on my PC. I have this error after I did the required updates for my Windows 7 and is not the only game with error. I have installed on my PC the latest version of DirectX and still it doesn’t want to work. What could be the problem ? Reinstalling will work ? How and where I can find the game saves ?

Thank you very much !


DirectX Setup Error. An internal error occurred.


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SimCity DirectX Setup Error Occurred


This problem is caused by not having an older, more compatible version of DirectX running. The solution is as follows:

1. Go to the Microsoft website and download DirectX 9.0c by clicking the button as indicated in the picture


2. You will get offered an optional download of Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Decline it

3. Download the file "dxwebsetup.exe", then run it.

4. Click the button "I accept the agreement" in the setup that appears and click "Next".

5. Uncheck the box "Install the Bing Bar"

6. Click "Next".

DirectX 9.0c will then download and install automatically. After this is done, restart your computer and SimCity (2013) will work again.

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