IE Error 4001 when trying to install Silverlight

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I get the above's error whenever I tried to download Silverlight. What I want to do is watch a tv show live online. So when I clicked on the channel, it says I need to install Silverlight for it to work. I clicked download on the site but been getting this error all along.

Reason why I want to want this working is that in case there is a power outage we can still watch our favorite TV show live on my laptop. Our whole family is a fan of this great tv show.

Can someone help me on this?


Windows Internet Explorer

Silverlight error message

ErrorCode: 4001

ErrorType: DownloadError


omni.jar’as archive

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IE Error 4001 when trying to install Silverlight


Dear Frank James,

As you did not mention the details of your problems and your laptop configurations, I can only give you some suggestions.

  1. Do not try to open local html files of machines.
  2. On any web server, please host a page.
  3. You have to embed an image as content
  4. Click on the box written as set the source
  5. Type ="/microsoft_silverlight.jpg".
  6. Press apply and ok

I think your problem is solved.

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IE Error 4001 when trying to install Silverlight

  • This Silverlight error is with regards to the MediaElement.  That is because it is the only error (4001)  that MediaElement throws.
  • Here are a few possible causes for this error:
  • Streaming from WMS through an Authenticated Proxy –
  • Codec Not Supported by Silverlight
  • Incorrect Pathing
  • Crossing Zones
  • It looks like you have Silverlight installed OK but you  are coming across some other bug while trying to run the MLB content.  Or maybe the MLB content has a problem with an older build?  You can get it with one of these commands (depending on whether you're running X86 or X64):
  •  reg query HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftSilverlight /v Version
  • reg query HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeMicrosoftSilverlight /v Version

happy Watching with your TV show!

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