Shut down in my Windows XP problem

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When i wants to shut down my pc, it takes a long time to do it approximately 4-5 mint,please give me a solution

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Shut down in my Windows XP problem


Shut down time is different from the Operating system to Operating system.

If you use Open source Operating System like Ubuntu it will very quick.

But in Windows Operating systems it will little bit slowly. There are lots of reasons that can slow your PC.

And then is there can be lot of running servers such as httpd, sqld, etc.

To avoid from this problem you can go to the task manager and end the all the unwanted processes that are running.

Another thing is the antivirus Software. Some Antivirus Software’s control the shutting down process of the PC.

It will also slow down the Shutting down process.

I think this will help you…

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Shut down in my Windows XP problem


Solution 1:

Run a full scan on your computer and see if any virus is just floating around your system. It might have infected the system and needs to be detected or else it might go to a much bigger problem.

Solution 2:

Check the last software installed because there could be a conflict with the Shut Down required files. Uninstall it and the shut down your computer or check the other software last installed and do the same procedure.

Solution 3:

System restore might solve the problem because it will revert the settings from the past month. Also a system repair can be possible to fix this.

Solution 4:

Reformat your operating system and backup your files.


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Shut down in my Windows XP problem


Hi Dear,

Thanks that you have shared your problem with us.

My dear windows XP provides a service of automatic updates. This service downloads updates all the time when you are connected with the internet.

And it installs these updates when you give command to shut down the computer.

It takes a lot of time to install these updates.

Please turn off automatic updates. Go to control panel, open security settings and choose automatic updates, and choose turn off automatic updates


The other reason is the attack of virus.

Kindly choose a best antivirus to solve your problem.

You should choose Panda Antivirus.


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