Showing low space of USB?

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Hello Every one!

I am facing a problem now a day can any one help me. The problem Is about the hardware of my computer. I want to change the part of my CDROM with new drivers. Will this be possible or not? Because when I plug the USB with the computer the message occurs that Outsmart Plug and talk and Generic Autorun Disk will automatically appears.

It also says that there was drive of 128 MB but I have 1 GB drive which I’m normally use for my USB.

Please help me to solve the problem…


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Showing low space of USB?


Hello Adam,

Yes, it is possible for you to change your CD ROM with new drivers. You have probably missed some of the step in installing it that's why you got that error message. Make sure that you the CD ROM driver disk you have inserted is readable. If necessary, you will create a system files. You also need to remove the driver floppy disk and  reboot your computer after installing CD ROOM and then access it by inserting CD rom.

These are the things that you should do to be able to change your ROM with new driver.

I hope it helps.


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Showing low space of USB?


Yes you can update your optical drive’s drivers or its firmware by visiting its manufacturer’s website and downloading the updated driver from there and then install it.

For you USB drive, it may have a large amount of unallocated space that’s not anymore useable by the computer. Try using the DISKPART command and see if it helps. Open the command prompt by going to Start then enter CMD, find the right result, right click on it then choose Run as Administrator. Type DISKPART then hit enter. Then type in LIST DISK. You should be able to see a list, look for the corresponding number for your USB drive. Type in SELECT DISK # where X would be the number of your USB drive. Then type in SELECT PARTITION 1. Then type in DELETE PARTITION. Type CLEAN, then type CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY. This should create one partition with the full size of the USB drive. Type exit.


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