Shortage Of Memory Issue

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An issue that we all face with our system is a memory shortage. This problem sometimes raises so much that we don’t have enough space to install even the window’s update. The problem is not only about the shortage of memory but not having free space available makes your system slow too.

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Shortage Of Memory Issue


Follow these steps to avoid memory shortage:

● Search Disc Cleanup in the search bar.

● Click on Uninstall apps to free up Disc space.

● A pop up will ask you to choose the drive to free up space. So, select the desired one.

● Click OK.

● After reviewing your storage, the system will show another popup to ask for deleting files.

● Choose the folders that you want to delete and then Click OK.

Your Clean will start, and you will have your free space available to get the updates.
You can also free up space by manually archiving and removing large and old files and uninstalling applications; however, it will take much of your time.

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