No such file or directory exists

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Hi guys,

My full-featured e-mail client Eudora has encountered a problem. It is frequently throwing an error message while downloading e-mail. The error message is applicable for spam mail. Attachment is not prerequisite for this error message.

If you have any idea for the issue, please help.

Thanks in advance.


Could not open the file c:eudoraspoolml7art/2878833A.RCV for reading

Cause: No such file or directory exists. (2)

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No such file or directory exists



Hi Jo Opheim, I searched solution that may help you solve your problem.

This error of Eudora is caused by files you attach or embed previously in the email that has the same name with the older file. This error shows after 999 filename or attachment that is the same with the new one. Temporary solution of this one is to delete those old files.

Just follow the easy steps.

1. Open Eudora>attach data folder.

2. Next is to delete those multiple copies of file.ext that are old.

Hope this information helps.




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