Shifting Edge Transport Server 2007 to 2010

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In the issue of shifting 2007 to 2010, does Edge Transport Server necessitate? We merely desire to affix with a solitary server system. Is setting the Client Access, Hub Transport, mailbox, and Unified Messaging Server tasks adequate? Do I need to buy an extra server? If we don’t necessitate the Edge Transport server, away from setting up the server for the extra four tasks, is there everything else, I necessitate to think or build up? We are as well transferring spheres, taking the guidelines of transferring mailboxes to the latest shifted server. I have previously altered the users as conserving their SIDs. Please recommend answers. Is there everything else that I required to configure?

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Shifting Edge Transport Server 2007 to 2010


Hello Anthony Jacob,

I think Edge Transport Server is kind of necessary when you are shifting from exchange server 2007 to the latest exchange server 2010, but the thing with it is that it does not have restrictions on when it has to be installed. Its installation can be done at any time, and the reason why it is done that way is because the edge transport server version 2010 can be subscribed to the older exchange server 2007 service pack 2 hub transport server.

You will need to use the export option and the import option too for all the policies which were applied in the old version of the exchange transport server.


Clair Charles

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