Shifting from ASP to ASP.NET, What Do I Need To Know

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I've been using classic ASP for web development for quite some time now. However, a big project came and I was asked to do most tasks in ASP.NET. I don't have experience in ASP.NET yet but I agreed on the shift.

What do I need to know in ASP.NET that classic ASP don't have? Will I still be able to use my ASP programs in ASP.NET? How easy it is to learn .NET framework?

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Shifting from ASP to ASP.NET, What Do I Need To Know


The ASP.NET makes the work easy for developers' to transition from Windows application development to Web development by offering the ability to create pages composed of controls similar to a Windows user interface.

ASP.NET gives courage or confidence to the programmer to develop applications using an event-driven GUI, other than in conventional Web-scripting environments like ASP and PHP. The framework joins together existing technologies such as JavaScript with internal.

Differences with ASP classic are:

ASP is run under the inetinfo.exe process space it relates to the process isolation setting in IIS. On the other hand ASP.Net worker process has so much different worker process, aspnet_wp.exe, which is separate from IIS process.

Classic ASP had no mechanism of running itself on us like non-Microsoft platforms. But ASP.NET will run on non-Microsoft Platforms

ASP only allows two languages were available for scripting VBScript and Jscript. But in ASP.NET any fully compliant .NET language can be used.

In ASP you have to place all directives on the first line of a page within the same delimiting block as shown below:

But in ASP.NET, you can require to place the language directive with a Page directive shown below:

<%@Page Language="VB" CodePage="932"%> <%@QutputCache Duration="60" VaryByParam="none" %>

Like this there are many differences. If you wish to learn more about the ASP.NET framework go to the following site:

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