Shattered laptop screen help needed

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Hi friends,

This morning while leaving my home my bag with my laptop fell onto the ground. 

When i placed my laptop the screen was shattered.

I have tried several hardware store and has asked them for a replacement but unfortunately i cannot find a replacement screen for my laptop.                                                                                                                      

I was wondering if there is any hardware store or if anyone has a replacement screen that i can purchase.     

I do not want to purchase it from the vendor. In the meantime how can i still use my laptop?                                                                     

Is there any temporary screen that i can use to work with in the mean time?


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Shattered laptop screen help needed


I may have a solution for that. This happened to me last year. when somebody called on the phone and my daughter accidentally pulled my laptop from the table.  I also tried looking for replacements, I found some but it really costs a lot.

Here's the thing.You may hook up your laptop to an external monitor. You start your laptop  now press and hold "fn" and then press the function button " lOl " (something looks like that).  It may disappear again. 

then when log onto your laptop, if you have a password you must type in your password and then you will hear the windows login sound.  now press and hold  "fn" and then press the function button " lOl " again.

Hope this helps!

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Shattered laptop screen help needed


Hello Hayden

If your laptop has a VGA output or HDMI you can try hooking this into a Monitor. Most monitors are plug in play when connected to the laptop. So don't worry about it, get your junk Monitor and try plugging it and see if it works.

Also you need a VGA cable or an HDMI cable if you have a LCD TV. 

Try searching for parts in the internet, just list down the Model of your laptop and try crossing your fingers and hope that there is available. 

Thank you for reading



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