Looking For 0x80072f8f Activation Error Fix

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I need help in fixing the 0x80072f8f activation error on my PC whole I am trying to update and activate Windows. I don’t get why is this error occurring. Please help.

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Looking For 0x80072f8f Activation Error Fix


To fix the problem first you need to verify that the date and time on your pc is correct, if it’s not then this is the reason for the error. Set it correctly and you will get rid of the error.

Else try activating thought automated telephone system. To do that-

  1. Go my computer in start and then select system properties in the toolbar
  2. In that click on activate Windows now option
  3. Then proceed to show me other ways to activate it
  4. Then select the automated telephone system and then proceed as per instructions.

This is a sure shot way to fix the error

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Looking For 0x80072f8f Activation Error Fix


The error code “0x80072F8F” doesn’t only appear when activating Microsoft Windows but when installing a Windows Update as well. The error has something to do with your computer’s date and time settings as well as the time zone. It seems like Microsoft doesn’t want the computer to be in the wrong date or time or even time zone when activating the operating system.

You may encounter this error on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Now, to fix the problem, simply fix the date and time settings. Try to synchronize your computer’s time with either “time.nist.gov” or “time.windows.com.” On my computer, I synchronize the time with “time.nist.gov” because “time.windows.com” doesn’t seem to work. Set the correct date.

Time synchronization

After setting this up, select the correct time zone for your computer according to your current location. When you are finished, try activating Windows again.

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