Stop our clients from altering their password for a short time

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I would like to inquire whether it is possible for us to stop our clients from altering their password for a short time. This is because we want to carry out some backup analysis and for this reason we would like to disable our network but not make any alterations or amendments to the passwords.

This is why we would like to know for the time being if we can stop our clients from changing their access codes.

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Stop our clients from altering their password for a short time


Hello Tina,

Yes this is possible to do but generally speaking users don't change there password that often. So I hope I'm interrupting your questions correctly. Because there is some backup analyst wanting to be done, you will still want users to be able to access network and environment, but not change there passwords. Is this a correct summary? I would say you have a few options for handling this task. The first would be to send out notification that during the window the work will be taking place and inform users to not try and change or update their passwords. The second option would be to put a policy in place on your authentication method that will prevent users from changing their password during the outage window.

So, I think the first option would be best because it would prevent a flood of calls from users say they are not able to change their passwords. Also, I'm not sure of what you are using whether it is active directory or just LDAP for authentication purposes. If you would like respond back with more information and I can provide steps to better help.


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