Setting the right Time and Date

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Hi. I was getting different errors on my machine. From blue screen to system crashes. I noticed that the date and time on my computer was not set correctly.

But even after setting it properly, it still continues to set incorrectly after a restart. How can I fix it? And why is this error occuring?

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Setting the right Time and Date

Time/Date has in the right side of task bar.You can change time/date from this notification area.
Right click on the time/date notification area then right click on "Changes date and time settings".
Now this will open Date and Time properties window then right click on "Change date and time".This will open Date and Time setting window.You can select the time and date from this window.At last click OK.
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Setting the right Time and Date

Hi Ave,
Certain software have operational problem if the system date/time is not setup properly.
This problems normally occurs in the main loop procedures with in the code of the programs. I had customers complaining with this same exact problem and what they said that they had to change the date every time they booted up to the windows desktop.
The problem normally happens when windows had a botched update process or even a bios update could have caused the problem.
To remedy the problem, follow these steps.
1.Power on the PC (if already on windows, in that case restart).
2.keep the Del key pressed (Del key on most, but are also F2 or even F10, dependent on Motherboard model)
3.In the Basic BIOS features/options change the date to the current date
4.Press F10 and press Y then enter
And voila the date is current is set
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Setting the right Time and Date


You tell me that you face one different error in your machine.When you read this error you understand that this problem is only for date and time.Your machine has not set date and time so you face this problem but when you set your machine date and time then the problem went away.

You remind that set date and time is very important,Yes set date and time is very important for machine because anytime can face many problem so it very important.

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Setting the right Time and Date


You may want to change your computer's time if you move to a new time zone, or if you've just replaced the computer's battery. Windows automatically adjusts for daylight-saving time, so you don't need to worry about that.  Instructions for different operating systems or versions may vary.

From the Control Panel window, double-click on Date/Time. When a window appears, click the Date & Time tab. Underneath the clock, you will see a text box displaying the time that your computer is currently showing. 

Insert your cursor in the text box and change the numbers to the time you want. Change seconds, minutes and hours if desired.

Setting the date and time in the BIOS:

In the main or system setup screen you should be able to see the date and time. Using your arrow keys, navigate to the date and change the date.

Once highlighted for the month, day, or year, press your arrow keys or your page up or page down keys to change the date.

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Setting the right Time and Date


Normally, this occurs for two reasons. The first one is a time server problem and the other one is a motherboard battery problem.

Solution for the time server problem:

1) Click the left mouse button on the right bottom corner of your screen, above time and date. Then follow the procedure below:

Adjust Date/Time->Internet time->Change setting and choose or enter the name of another server, depending on your location. Here is a list of servers:

Then restart your PC. I hope this is helpful.

2) Manually set time and date, then restart your PC. If it is not showing the actual time, it is usually a motherboard problem. A small battery on the motherboard controls the date and time, and sometimes it stops working. Normally it costs $5 to repair.


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