Setting up a Network Using 2 Routers and a LAN

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I have a Thompson Wireless N router, which is connected to the main PC and two other laptops in the same room with the ports on the back of the router.

I try to extend my network connection into the router ports Thompson to a main Develo AV Home Plug and then second plug picks up the network and is connected to a second wireless router (Netgear WGR614v9). I'm using two ports of the Netgear router to connect my PlayStation 2 3.

Everything seems to work well and can access the internet. However, when I try to connect my laptop 2 (not the main) wireless connection has a problem. I try to connect to the Netgear and works well, but you don't see the rest of the network on the main PC and was not able to print from. I want to act all as a single network, access to the printer files and the media of the host PC and play them on the PS3.

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Setting up a Network Using 2 Routers and a LAN


This is a simple problem you have to enable printer and file sharing on your laptops, for this it is important that your OS (Operating system) will be in the format of NTFS.

NTFS is new technology file system and used to secure your drives. Once you have made your file system NTFS you have to enable the file and printer sharing with your network. Format your drive with NTFS file system. 

Secondly you have to check that how many users are connected to the Network. There is a limit and you can not exceed this limit you have to check this also. One PC supports maximum 10 other's to connect but this can be increased also you have to check the number you set. 

Also check that your router is at a distance where it is receiving full signals from other device. 

To enable file and printer sharing follow these steps:

Go to MY Network Places.

Click > view network connections < then go to its properties and check the file and printer sharing. 

You can also set your IP,s for different computers to make a better network.

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Setting up a Network Using 2 Routers and a LAN



In your case, the two routers need to be cascaded LAN to LAN. To be able to have your computers and devices connect to one network, the DHCP server of the second router (Netgear) should be disabled then change the router's IP address same network range with the 1st one (Thompson).

For instance, if the default gateway of the 1st router is, the second router should have an IP of 10.10.10.x.

If I may suggest, set it to as not to conflict with the other devices that are connected to the network.

With regard to the physical connection, one end of the Ethernet cable should be connected to the LAN port of the Thompson router and the other end should be connected to the LAN port of the Netgear router. The LAN ports are usually the numbered ones. In this way, your computers and devices will be part of the same network.

Thus, file and printer sharing should not be a problem.

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