Setting up a firewall on Google chrome

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Hello there,

I have used Mozilla Firefox since I can remember and I have heard that Chrome is supposed to be way faster.

I just installed it but I was wondering how can I set up my firewall on chrome.

Thanks guys.

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Setting up a firewall on Google chrome


Hi Oliver,

You can set up your computer firewall for Google Chrome software by the following methods:

  • At first install you Google Chrome software in your computer.
  • Then click on Start button and then select Control Panel and now select Windows Firewall and a pop up window will display
  • Now select Exceptions tab from that pop up window
  • You will see program list there now click on Add program and then select Google Chrome there in program list and then select Ok
  • Then press Ok once again.

Now your Google Chrome software will be setup in windows firewall successfully.


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Setting up a firewall on Google chrome


Google Chrome does not have settings relating to firewall.

If you are having trouble accessing the internet using this browser it may be because your antivirus software is blocking it.

To solve this just go to your firewall's software settings go to the list of permitted programs and add Google chrome in the list.

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Setting up a firewall on Google chrome


Hi there,

You can easily set up the firewall on Google chrome by simply just going to the webpage of your browser which is Google chrome.

You will see the wrench icon on the upper right side of the page then just click that wrench icon on the browser toolbar.

Then you can select settings or options then click the under the hood tab on this tab you can adjust some of the various settings that you want to change or adjust for example on phishing and malware protection you don't need to adjust anything here because by default on goggle chrome it is enabled so that Google chrome can warns you if your visiting a website that contain malware or some other types of viruses on web content settings you can adjust if you want to allow or block some of the cookies images java scripts plugs in pop ups and location sharing you have the discretion if you want this to be allowed or not on your Google chrome browser.

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