Refresh Chrome automatically every 10 min.

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Refresh Chrome automatically every 10 min. Is there any add-on that can do this?

Can anyone help me with an add-on that can automatically refresh the browser?

Thank you.

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Refresh Chrome automatically every 10 min.


There are lots of plug-in available in the internet for your request. Some of them are really good and free to download. ChromeReload is one of my favorite extension that refresh pages, plus with some added features such as showing a countdown. It also allows user to give a time interval.  It can be set to refresh multiple web pages in multiple tabs. I think it is a harmless plug-in that does not affect any others. It also monitors the pages and notify you in case of change.

Visit following URLs to view more details about this plug-in.

Download Super Auto Refresh

Download Auto Refresh

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Refresh Chrome automatically every 10 min.


Hi Haryshankarkuppusami!

There is an add-on / extension of Google Chrome that refreshes or reloads the browser automatically. Just click the link. This will bring you directly to Google.

Click the Add to Chrome button, in an instant the add-on/extension will be installed. To configure how long before the browser refreshes or reloads, you have to click the shortcut button found on the upper right hand of your Google Chrome browser. (See picture below).

Then you have to select how long you want before it reloads or refreshes. Options are from Never which is zero second to 30 minutes or in Random with a maximum time of 30 minutes. Also there is an option where you can put the desired time you want which is in seconds. Then click set button and a count down will appear.

And your browser will automatically refresh or reload with the desired time you set. There I hope this answers your question. More power!

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