Server is having too much traffic t handle

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Hello everyone?

The school district I work for has a single domain i.e. 28 sites with 31 DC’s. Every DC is able to point on its own to a primary DNS then to other 4DC’s as tertiary, secondary etc., DNS at our main tech site.

The manner in which the DC’s are arranged is always identical, and there is also an administrative complex, in addition to other schools that belong to us, channeled to the 4DC’s situated at the main site for both DNS.

Four of the school servers were virtualized last summer, and their DNS traffic now goes to the 4 DC’s at the main site. At long last we will have to eliminate the servers to the school hence having all the computers point to one DC to get primary DNS.

My worry or rather concern is that the server will have too much traffic t handle .so keeping in mind that it is a DNS which is AD-integrated and utilizing root hints, should I divide the different schools into four separate groups each channeled to a different DC as its primary DNS?

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Server is having too much traffic t handle


You do not really have to divide the schools into groups. Since the users will primarily be students and faculty, the traffic can still easily be handled. Just make sure that the pages to be handled are not plagued by a lot of outside ads, if there would be any. Otherwise, just one should be enough.

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