Secure gate with SharePoint causes network error

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I have sharepoint 2010 installed and now I've installed Citrix Secure Gateway 3.0. But ever since I've installed secure gate when I visit the sharepoint website it says Error 502: Bad gateway. What is going on?


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Secure gate with SharePoint causes network error



This issue is due to deprived IP communication among back-end computers, probably with the Web server at the website you are demanding to visit. Prior to examining this issue, you must clean your browser cache fully. If you are surfing and observe this trouble for all Websites you attempt to visit, then either your ISP has a main equipment breakdown or failure or there is something incorrect with your inner Internet connection.

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Secure gate with SharePoint causes network error



The 502 error could be caused by many things, therefore, we need to check into quite a few different areas.

1.  Try reloading the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

2.  Try to refresh things by opening a new browser window and then open the website you were just on.

3.  Clear out your system's cookies.

4.  Start your browser with only default settings and no add-ons or extensions, including special toolbars.

5.  Try using a different browser.

6.  Try restarting your computer or network equipment.

7.  Contact the website to find out if they are having issues.

8.  Get in touch with your internet provider to see if they know about the 502 error.

Anyone of these areas could be the cause or culprit of the 502 error.

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