Search for information on the Internet.

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From a specific browser, it sends a request to search for information on the Internet.

Describe in detail the path followed by the different data from the sending of the request until receipt of the response.

We specify, at each stage, the form data, correspondence in the layers of OSI and the hardware or software component that occurs.

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Search for information on the Internet.


Hello Soft Expert,

The answer of this question is really informative if explains well. I have no detailed information as to how the "Searching" works and how the data was processed.

I have a picture that I will show to you, this picture will give you idea how this question is so complicated to answer because of it has branches that is difficult to follow.

See picture below, this itself will show you the idea and maybe understanding how it works even in a graphical form only.

Hope this gives you idea how it works.

Source: HowStuffWorks How Internet Infrastructure Works

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