SD Cards cannot be detected on my PC

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I bought my computer about two years ago.

There are no major problems with the computer, except that it does not recognize SD cards (Secure Digital Card) cameras.

There is indeed a slot, but when I insert a card SD nothing happens.

I used to troubleshoot a USB cable, but it’s still the same problem.

Have an idea?


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SD Cards cannot be detected on my PC


Have you tried using the card on other computers?

It could be that your card is corrupted. Next thing you should do is, have you tried inserting the card to other card readers?

Your current card reader could be damaged/defective that is why it doesn’t show up on the computer. While you’re at it also try to use it on another computer as well just to double check. Also you mentioned that you used a USB cable for this, how about plugging it thru the back port rather than the front port?

The back port is twice faster than the front port. Also check and see if the drivers are correctly installed on your pc. Go to CONTROL PANEL>DEVICE MANAGER. Refresh the drivers, then check and see if the card is detected by the pc. If not try to check the VIEW tab and click SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES. Refresh and check again.

Try to use it on other ports as well. If this does not work go to the site.

Always make sure that the drivers you are installing are compatible, it’s pointless installing the driver without checking the compatibility.

Best regards.

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SD Cards cannot be detected on my PC


You require a card reader to use your SD card on your PC. It is not so expensive and is available from your next door computer shop. But first see your ports for USB are working properly because this card reader device uses the USB port to connect through the PC and you put your card in this card reader.

You can check your USB port in you device manager to check that is it working properly on it also check it by a pen drive or some other USB drive such as mouse etc. When done and you are sure about it that your USB port is working fine then apply this card reader to your port with card in it and you will see an extra drive on your computer but first check the drivers for this device also once the driver is installed successfully it will show you your card in my computer and as a pen drive or remove able drive.

The main things are that your USB port is functional and keeps up to date drivers. If you have already a port in your computer then check this port is it shown in your device manager or not. Also check your card is it working properly or not and i am sure now you can solve your problem.

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